Upside Down House Milton Keynes opens its doors again on Saturday 12th Nov with a brand new IKEA makeover

A brand new makeover is going to blow your minds at Upside Down House Milton Keynes soon. It is a pleasure for Upside Down House UK to partner with another IKEA branch – IKEA Milton Keynes and to have their Milton Keynes house entirely refurbished with IKEA furniture and accessories. We are excited to announce the refurbishment process has started already as planned and it is expected to be completed this Friday. The process involves working diligently and efficiently to deliver on the ambitious plans. Our construction team works closely with the design team to ensure we meet the latest interior and exterior trends while at the same time we follow the traditional and unique concept of Upside Down House.

The interior has been designed with an open plan layout to allow customers to move around this amazing museum of illusions and get the best pictures possible. The modern stylish design compliments the unique photo opportunities Upside Down House provides.

Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to shop while they have fun at this unique attraction. Each piece of furniture will be installed with a QR code for the convenience of customers visiting Upside Down House Milton Keynes and they will be able to purchase that beautiful bed or gorgeous armchair directly and instantly at the house by using their smartphone only.

The house is planned to reopen its doors to public on Saturday 12th Nov and tickets will be available to be booked online in advance and at the ticket office on the day.

This bright pink coloured house is based at the Oak Court, Midsummer Place Shopping Centre. Upside Down House Milton Keynes operates with standard opening hours: 10am to 6pm Monday to Wednesday, 10am to 8pm Thursday and Friday, Saturday – 10am to 7pm and 11am to 5pm on Sundays. Tickets could be purchased online in advance or at the ticket office on the day of your visit. Our standard tickets are £5, children under the age of 3 and 3 go free. Bring your friends and family to Upside Down House Milton Keynes for a fantastic day out and amazing photo opportunities.

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Open plan layout to allow our customers to move around this amazing museum of illusions and get the best pictures possible. A variety of designed rooms to a luxurious beach house based on the Brighton Sea Front in between the i360 and Brighton Beach Club.

Attention: Please read rules and information display prior to entering. Motion sickness may apply due to the house being at a slant.


£5.00 Per person

Children under the age of 3 go free.
Group discounts available at the Ticket Office

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